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As a total systems installer, EVI will work with you from the initial planning stage to outfit your fleet with the most effective and reliable components. EVI installations are performed with careful attention to detail with quality components and craftsmanship. Our team will turn your off-the-lot vehicle into a high performance law enforcement asset.

Our shop and staff are equipped to handle a wide range of vehicle installations for just about any law enforcement, security, or life safety application. Custom Installations range from basic communications and lights to fully equipped mobile command units. In addition to full-service installation, EVI performs upgrades and maintenance to existing equipment, rewiring, and consulting.

Let us help you save time and money. Contact our staff for a free consultation at the inception of your project. Our staff will provide advice on the best vehicles and equipment, provide a cost estimate, establish a schedule, and have all equipment on hand to avoid unnecessary delays.

We have listed some of the more common components regularly installed in our shop below.

Ext/Visible Components

Headlight Flashers (wig-wag)

Brakelight Flashers (flashback)



Strobe Lights

Push Bumpers

Window Tinting

Decals and Graphics

Emergency Lighting




Interior Components

Prisoner Cages and Seats

K-9 Cages

Electric Release Gun Racks


Audio/Video/DVD Systems

Equipment Consoles

Map Lights

Vehicle Safe/Secure Storage Units

Crypto Storage Devices*

* EVI is a Federally Authorized Facility


Cellular Phone

Secure Phone Units

Data Terminals

Laptop Computer Mounts

Radios, Antennas & Racks

Mobile Radio Systems

Surveillance Equipment

Alarms and Tracking Devices

Surveillance Cameras

"Invisible" Grill Lights

In-car video systems


Auxiliary Power



Battery Solutions

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Build Packages

  • Basic Unmarked Sedan Basic Unmarked Sedan

    Our popular basic sedan package truly sets an industry standard - the perfect standard vehicle installation for the 1811 Criminal Investigator.

Vehicles We Outfit

    • General Law Enforcement
    • Prisoner Transport
    • SWAT and "Jump-Outs"
    • Mobile Command
    • Undercover Surveillance
    • Armored Car/Secured Transport
    • Emergency Response
    • Humanitarian Vehicles for Areas of Conflict