Basic Unmarked Sedan

Our popular basic sedan package truly sets an industry standard - the perfect standard vehicle installation for the 1811 Criminal Investigator.

The basic unmarked sedan incorporates ease of use in both overt and covert use. Emergency lighting disappears in the tinted portion of the windshield and rear window while the remote lighting controller and PA microphone can be mounted on the dash or glove box for concealment.

Siren & Speaker

Federal Signal 650 100 Watt siren with remote PA microphone that delivers 60 amps of total current switching capacity. All siren and emergency lights are controlled by the PA microphone for easy use. Hand control microphone can be installed on dash for easy access or concealed for undercover operations. Rubberized push buttons mimic the three position progressive slide switch control common to law enforcement vehicles. Modular plug and play design includes remote on/off PA volume control. Includes a 100 watt siren speaker with 6” round black aluminum bell to provide hi-audio output.

LED Lightsticks & LED Grill Lights

Two 12” x 1” LED lightsticks with four 3” light panels. Each of the 3” light panels are configured; blue-blue-red-red and are controlled by a single flasher. Lightsticks are installed high in the windshield, and in the rear window. Grill light placement varies per vehicle.

Headlight & Taillight Flashers

Headlights and taillights flash alternatively for easy visibility. Use of the high-beam switch overrides the wig-wag circuit giving the driver full road lighting capability. (Headlight flashers cannot be done on some Chrysler vehicles; two strobes will replace the flashing headlights on these vehicles.) All circuits are protected by fuses and relays. All connections are soldered and protected by heat shrink tubing wire loom. All “fray points” are protected by grommets. Craftsmanship is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.

Upgrades to our Basic Build

EVI has standard prices for these common upgrades:

  • Install four 90-watt strobes installed in head & tail lights
  • Install customer-provided radio and standard antennae

This build can be a made to order solution for any budget or purpose